An awesome wine shop, Bottles N Jars has opened in a London car showroom Hexagon Classics

Looking for a wine with a bit of horsepower? You might want to start at London’s newest indie wine boutique, Bottles N Jars, which has opened up in a classic car showroom in East Finchley, of all places. Hexagon Classics – along the Great North Road and just up from Highgate – has given up some of its glitzy showroom space to the new deli and fine wine concept, which is hoping to fuel north London locals. 

And we reckon it’ll do a damn good job of it too, since Bottles N Jars is the brainchild of wine expert Bert Blaize, sommelier and co-author of ‘Which Wine When’. He’ll be selecting great drops from established vineyards as well as emerging winemakers, with wines coming from all around the world but with a focus on European producers. And Blaize will hopefully be on standby to recommend what wine to buy for your evening meal – the dream! (We asked him to help with that during lockdown and the results were incredible.) 

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