Easter Wines

With the Easter weekend approaching quicker than the seasons keep changing, we’ve got the ultimate wine guide for you the celebrate in style. If you don’t celebrate Easter, then this is also a great guide to enjoying seasonal favourites over the bank holiday weekend. 

Friday - Getting fishy on ‘Good Friday’

Simply cooked fish in butter – We have a few options when it comes to this. The trick is not to overpower the fish but give it some freshness at the same time. Picpoul (which translates as ‘the lip smacker’) does exactly what it says on the stin. It gives you that refreshing lip-smacking feeling which works so great with fish. Christopher Muret makes one of our favourites.

Fish & Chips – There’s not a lot of things better than fish & chips on a Friday. Now you just need a bottle of wine to take your experience to the next level. We all know fish & chips are nothing without a sprinkling of vinegar or a pickled onion on the side. They’re united by acidity which counteracts the richness of fish and perks up the chips. Try sipping on some Cava here – tastes like champagne if you close your eyes and is a similar price to prosecco. We have two excellent Cava’s at different price points – The Casteller for a great entry price or the Raventos, we think they’re the best Cava producer around. The vineyards are Raventos are fully biodynamic, they actually left the cava appellation as they said the standards weren’t high enough, a bold statement but their wines really back it up.

Saturday - Coffee & cake with a mate

Colomba di Pasqua – The traditional Italian Easter cake, very similar to the Christmas Panettone. Ours are made with roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont and candied Italian peaches. They come beautifully wrapped and ready to gift, just make sure the recipient opens it while you’re there. The best way to enjoy is sliced and toasted with some butter. Or if you’re feeling very bouji, you can even make a Colombo bread and butter pudding. The perfect wine would be Jurançon, with all its wonderful flavours of dried apricots and orange peel.

Sunday - Time to indulge

Fizz to celebrate – We’re drinking many English wines right now, and we couldn’t think of anyone better than Wiston to enjoy Easter Sunday. Try their sparkling rose - full of rhubarb, strawberries and wild roses with refreshing acidity. Great served with canapes, smoked salmon or even eggs benedict.

Roast Lamb – The main event and time for an epic wine pairing. Easter also brings with it the start of lamb season, the best and only time of the year to enjoy this delicious and flavoursome meat. If you’re doing it right then you’re smothering your lamb with loads of garlic, olive oil and rosemary then roasting. This rich and fatty meat benefits from being paired with deep red wines with natural acidity and spice. We currently have magnums of Rioja for just £32, the unbelievable value from the 2016 vintage by top producer Dominio des Carabo, perfect if you’re having the family around for lunch.

Chocolate – We’ll make stuffing your face with chocolate even more enjoyable with a drop of wine. We’ve got a huge selection of chocolates in-store and a wine to pair with every one of them. With dairy milk chocolate chilled ruby port works great, ripe plums and juicy cherries lift and enhance. For darker chocolate the Patrick Bottex Sparkling Rose from Bugey in the French Alps, it’s slightly off-dry with wonderful flavours of fresh raspberries and rose petals. But the best allrounder for Chocolate and sweet things at easter is Chinato – an typical Italian after dinner drink, it’s a fortified red wine traditionally from Piedmont. It has bittersweet flavours to compliment sweet things or just as a digestif.

Monday - The fun continues on a bank holiday

… but it’s back to work the next day, so just the right amount of fun is required. With leftovers or a light seasonal lunch spring lunch, there are two excellent choices. For the white wine why not some Amalfi coast sunshine in a bottle with some Fiano. Pietracupa is widely regarded as the best Fiano producer, a grape that doesn’t get enough recognition. With salads it’s one of the best wines you can pair, a joy to drink with sweet, perfectly in season Amalfi lemon zest and serious mineral-rich notes to balance out. If you’d prefer some red wine, then a special light red would be perfect. Winemaker Guy Palmer-Brown started a project called Tyler & Davey, for his first vintage, he was based in Beaune, Burgundy. Working closely with Le Grappin he made a small amount of wine and we’re lucky enough to have a small parcel. It’s a strong, confident first vintage and the wines are a joy to drink, packed full of tart red cherries and Parma Violets – it’s a proper drop of Bojo.

We dont know about you but during the Easter Weekend we will be eating copious amount of Hot Cross Buns lathered in Estate Dairy Cultured Butter.

Hot Cross Buns

This 14th century sticky Easter treat is still going strong. We’ll be stocked up for the weekend, but please call or message to reserve yours and avoid disappointment. We reckon we have some of the best buns in East Finchley thanks to our brilliant baker – The Bread Station, founded by ex Michelin star chef Christoffer Hruskova. So make sure you get your order in soon!

There’s many ways to enjoy your buns, traditionally halved, toasted and smothered in butter works for many. However, if you want to go to the next level then add some bacon and tomato ketchup after toasting, it shouldn’t work, but it definitely does, it’s a really tasty combo.

Here’s what to drink!

Classic toasted bun with butterMoscato d’asti from Paolo Saracco

We also have this in a half sized bottle too. It’s a low abv lightly sparkling sweet wine from Piedmont, Italy. Sparkling wines always do well with bread & pastries, the bubbles break up the gluten and give it a refreshing edge. All the wonderful flavours of orange blossom and mandarins from the wine will work with your bun perfectly.

Bacon sandwich hot cross bun - Riesling from Maximin Grünhaus

Pork absolutely loves Riesling, the high acidity and ripe citrus peel lift pork and take it to another place. We’ve gone for a slightly off dry Riesling her to balance out the sweetness of the bun. Another lower abv wine perfect for easy drinking with mates at lunch time.

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