Jiddler's Tipple x Exale Flying Saucer Sour 4.5% 440ml

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WHERE- London          

Jacob the Jiddler making the tipple over in Turnpike Lane producing beers as creative and stylish as his shirts - which is he's devoted his labels to.  

WHAT- a collab between  Jiddler's Tipple & Exale Brewery. A take on a sour, with inspiration taken from those little favourite childhood sherbet sweets,  flying saucers.

Packed with loads of real rhubarb and strawberries, fermented with a new cool kid yeast called Lachancea from Lallemand, supa intersting as it's derived from the backs of bees and wasps! We love a sour here at Bottles 'N' Jars and think its perfect for sippin in this weather, it's a little sweet, sour and salty - with just wee bit of salt to balance it all out. 


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