Oslavje Bianco Radikon 1997

Oslavje Bianco Radikon 1997

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Orange wine – white wine made like red wine with skin contact is an ancient method of making wine. It would have been common in places like Georgia, Roman Empire and Armenia. In 1995 Stanko Radikon (Nicknamed 'The Kings of Skins')  started using his grandfather’s technique of leaving the skins in contact creating this unique flavoured wine. This ancient method of winemaking died out but thanks Radikon and Gravner they created a new generation of orange wine makers. Now orange wines are drank in some of the coolest wine bars and restaurants around the world thanks to these pioneers using ancient techniques.

Radikon is a 12 hectare estate on the Slovenian border of Italy, and is a truly unique winery. Oslavje is like nothing you’ve tasted before, a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc macerated on the skins for up to 4 months then matured in large oak casks for 4 years and 2 further years in bottle.

Truly fascinating wines with incredible complexity, longevity & slightly wild! Since Stanko passed his son Saša Radikon continues in his father's tradition, making truly memorizing wines.

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