It's 'Totes' time for Picnics
It's 'Totes' time for Picnics
It's 'Totes' time for Picnics

It's 'Totes' time for Picnics

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Picnic season is well and truly upon us, it’s time to round up your favourite mates and loved ones and head to the nearest park/beach/garden. We’ve selected our favourite picnic bits perfect for a delicious afternoon in the sun. Our picnic tote is available for free collection at our North London shop or delivered to your front door for a wee fee.

What deliciousness is in our tote?

Bottles N Jars tote bag - Of course, we provide you with some quality merchandise, our famous Bottles N Jars tote bag, ideal for all your wine & picnic transportation needs. They're printed by a very talented local screen printer.

Torres truffle crisps  - A large sharing bag of some of the most moreish & tasty crisps we’ve ever had. Real black summer truffle flavoured potato crisps.

Perrello gordal pitted olives We’ve never tasted such a tasty olive! These are great for sunny day snacking, they’re pitted and ready to go and kept fresh in the iconic Perrello tin. (great for some blooms you pick up on your walk)

Spiced sardine pate - Seasoned with white pepper and piri-piri, made with olive oil, tomato and vinegar, a slightly spicy version of the classic sardine pâté.

Belazu aubergine & parmesan pesto -Belazu, as usual, bringing the Mediterranean vibes! Made with Mediterranean aubergines, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO and basil, this jar is packed full of flavour. One dunk is not enuf!

Perello cocktail gerkins - Great to cut through the spice of the sardines and keep everything fresh with that little acidity kick.

Picos de pan - A big bag of crispy Spanish style breadsticks, versatile and perfect for dipping and tasting.

Dardimans pineapple crisps - If you wanted to finish on a sweet treat without all the mess this is perfect for sharing. Air dried, no nasties but oodles of flavour.

If you're anything like us then you will need some wine with all these tasty picnic treats, why not add a Bagnum (2bottles in a bag) of White, Pink or Red. The Bagnums are made by Andrew & Emma Nielson in Burgundy, they’re magnum sized and an eco-friendly and practical alternative to glass. When you've drunk all the wine they make a great pillow for a afternoon nap under the sun!

Happy Picnicking!!! 

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